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Daily class dance course

The main styles of dance are: Hiphop, Urban Dance, House, Swag, Popping, Jazz, Wacckin. Constantly updated to learn the most innovative dance culture abroad, the introduction of more global dance style and integration of choreography teaching.

Respectively, by the dancers of the two units - Sinostage Orignal / Nouveau Dolls (dance state women's) teachers and players to teach, students can choose according to their favorite teacher style courses.

Sinostage Orignal: mainly based on Urban Dance, Hiphop, Swag, Popping, House and other choreography teaching, suitable for the crowd to study abroad dance students learn to choose according to their own preferences.

Nouveau Dolls: mainly based on Jazz, Wacckin and other basic teaching. Suitable for the crowd; junior high school student family, office workers, hot mother family. Divide courses at different ages.

Kinjaz Dojo :Recommends a strong dance base, and can absorb more different dance style, mainly to master class learning mainly.

Sinostage Studio :Suggested that there is a certain basis for dance, basic skills more solid, the field made a special trip to improve the students.

Quick Style : Recommends based on zero, but like dancing, easy to learn and slowly accumulate, you can choose to learn two stars the following courses.



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